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Stand-Alone Title
What Lurks Beneath

by Ryan Lockwood
Aug 3, 2016
6 Hours
Ages 13+
A new breed of terror that rises from the depths of the ocean. To hunt. To devour. To kill.

The first attack occurs in the underwater caverns of the Bahamas. Two professional divers exploring the unknown. A monstrous flesh-ripping predator they never see coming.

Now the attacks are coming closer and closer to shore. A sun-soaked playground for sea-loving tourists. A human feasting ground for whatever lurks beneath.

Now, in a desperate race against time, Eric Watson, an expert on remote control underwater vehicles, and marine biologist Valerie Martell, must identify a savage new species of killer—and piece together one of nature’s most horrific mysteries. But the most terrifying discovery of all waits for Val and her team at the bottom of the sea. A discovery too shocking, to comprehend.

Because up till now, this creature existed only in mankind’s darkest nightmares. Not anymore.

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Director & Cast

Director Ken Jackson
Starring Ken Jackson as Narrator, Nanna Ingvarsson as Valerie, Patrick Bussink as Eric, Evan Casey as Will, James Konicek as Mack and Deidra Starnes as Ashley. With Andy Brownstein, James Lewis, Dexter Hamlett, Kenyatta Rogers, Thomas Keegan, Michael Glenn, Erika Rose, Colleen Delany, David Jourdan, Dawn Ursula, Yasmin Tuazon, Nanette Savard, Michael John Casey, Scott McCormick and Richard Rohan
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Alexandra Wittenberg
Dialogue Editors Johann Dettweiler
Sound Designers Johann Dettweiler
Additional Original Music Johann Dettweiler
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Tough fit for audio by zach (Posted on 4/10/2018)
Lots of narration. Its plotted to be visual, so most everything has to be described by the name since it's mostly people seeing things. Still good, just hard to make this story fit audio only. Learned a lot about squid and octopus.
It will keep you hooked! by Travis (Posted on 3/24/2018)
This was a really great story. I actually found my heart beating faster when things were about to go down. The book often gives you perspective from the view of the creature, and I was having serious JAWS flashbacks when it did that. It was highly enjoyable and I'd recommend it for anyone who is into mythology, sea creatures, or even just diving.

My one "complaint" was that the boundaries the creature was able to cross to get its victims felt like stretching at times. Granted there is a theme or concept about their being a purpose the why the "Lusca" is here, but at times I was like, "Hmmm, not sure it could actually get there." But it wasn't enough to keep me from enjoying it, and it was so minor I'm not even sure it's a real complaint.
Great horror. by Chris (Posted on 12/14/2017)
Sea monster and conspiricies! Starts a little slow but picks up nicely. Its a good story for monster fans.
What Lurks Beneath by Anthony (Posted on 7/10/2017)
Throughly enjoyed the story and great acting by Graphic Audio casts.
Fantastic! by Stu (Posted on 4/21/2017)
Very good, Great performance all round. My first "Full Cast Production" Feels much more alive than other Audiobooks, very nice for a change of pace. On a side note, the site Definitely needs MORE HORROR TITLES, It's very lacking in this area. Look forward to more in the future. Keep up the good work.
Absolutely fantastic! by Brandon (Posted on 1/30/2017)
My son and I are avid scuba divers. We recently dove the Caribbean a month ago and have plans to dive the Bahamas in 4 months. I picked this up a week or so ago and right away, I was hooked. The story is filled with diving and dive terms. The locations are places we've dove or preparing to dive! And I will be honest, after listening to this, I will feel a moment of panic-driven apprehension when I plop into the sea in Nassau!

The production was top-notch. The narration, by Ken Jackson, was excellent (honestly, I want to hear more of his narrations after this!) and the amazing James Konicek does a masterful job as "Mac". The music is tense, chilling and builds suspense. The sound effects, particularly of the scuba regulator, had me right in the water with the antagonists.

The story was likewise amazing. The nemesis is plausible, terrifying and absolutely made flesh through the story. My only gripe of the whole story had to do with the ROV driver, Eric, and his "phobia". I SO wanted that to come into play at the end...but otherwise, I find no fault at all with the tale.

Highly recommended!!!
Spectoctopus! by Scott (Posted on 1/24/2017)
Very enjoyable audio adaptation. The Graphic Audio folks never fail to put every emotion and spectacular sound effect to good use in their books. This one is no exception. This story is not so far fetched that you won't be able find yourself in a situation just like it while taking a dip in the ocean.
what lurks beneath by Timothy (Posted on 1/19/2017)
Was itching for a good horror story and came across what lurks beneath and I gotta say it's a great book.
What Lurks Beneath by Andrea (Posted on 1/10/2017)
Oh was I excited to find this! When the previous book, Below, came out, I'd listened to the audiobook from audible and loved it. But when the sequel released, they didn't have an audiobook for it. I'd been contemplating reading the book when I stumbled across this on graphic audio! With the full cast and sound effects, it made the experience even more fun and intense! Great job! I really loved this!
giant sea monster by Bos (Posted on 12/7/2016)
the deep blue sea is always mysterious and this story gives me just that. great book.
what lurks beneath by JoAnn (Posted on 11/30/2016)
Loved it. I like sci-fi and this was great. At first I thought it was going to be like Syfy channels "Sharktopus", but it wasn't. Now I want to read the book. Everyone did a great job on it.
Unexpected by jerry (Posted on 11/6/2016)
I picked this up on a whim. I am a huge Deathlands fan so this was out of genre for me but i have to admit i was pleasantly surprised. I was a well thought out book and kept me interested through the entire thing. I would love to see more of these one off horror novels by GA. Great work guys please give us more Horror.
A gold-mine of thrills by Brian (Posted on 10/3/2016)
Picked this up early last month. What a ride!

Mr. Lockwood does a sensational job of introducing characters and describing setting. His training and familiarity with ocean life and scuba diving are what mostly makes this story so very believable and exciting.

Ken Jackson turned in another fine performance as narrator and the assorted cast, as usual, pulled me right into the engrossing story. I honestly didn't want it to end. And I really do hope GraphicAudio continues down this specific; I absolutely love what they're doing so far with the horror genre.

More please.
Awesome by dewayne (Posted on 9/12/2016)
Story was great. Acting superb. I had read the book that came out first, below and loved it. This one was even more awesome. One of my favs.
good by douglas (Posted on 9/8/2016)
this book had me hooked from the start good job g a you guys rock
this was one of the few horrors that kept me interested and guessing. by rafael (Posted on 8/19/2016)
I was very happy with not only the story but the acting in was great and surprising. Great job GA!!!
More stand-alone titles, please. by Shawn (Posted on 8/13/2016)
I love horror stories--especially horror stories that involve the ocean and the creepy, deadly things that lurk beneath the surface. "What Lurks Beneath" is a wonderful production. What I love about GraphicAudio is that they evolve. What I mean is, it seems with each passing year they keep adding more background noises, more ambient sounds, as well as the main sound effects that are there to really draw the listener into the environment of the story, becoming more and more a very graphic movie in your mind.

I'm sure it's not easy to come up with all of the sound effects and I praise GA for all the hard work they put into each production--sweating the small stuff, those little minute details, like the background and ambient noises really do count and really do add up in the end. They've got a lot of talented people there, and as stated already, it just keeps getting better.

Ken Jackson is becoming one of my favorite narrators, who also did a fantastic job in "The Montauk Monster", another stand-alone horror title that takes place in and out of the ocean. I highly recommend "What Lurks beneath". Just don't listen to it if you happen to be staying at the Bahamas and then go swimming in a blue hole (if you don't know what a blue hole is, which I didn't, look it up, or listen to "What Lurks Beneath").

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