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Ghost Finders
5 : Voices From Beyond

by Simon R. Green
Mar 18, 2015
6 Hours
Ages 18+
Meet the operatives of the Carnacki Institute—JC Chance: the team leader, brave, charming, and almost unbearably arrogant; Melody Chambers: the science geek who keeps the antisupernatural equipment running; and Happy Jack Palmer: the terminally gloomy telepath. Their mission: Do Something About Ghosts. Lay them to rest, send them packing, or just kick their nasty ectoplasmic arses…

In a quiet London suburb, four university students participating in an experiment inside a reputed haunted house hold a séance that goes terribly wrong. What—or who—ever they summoned has taken their minds away, leaving them empty shells.

Enter the Ghost Finders, ready to confront an enraged poltergeist for the students’ very souls.

All in a day’s work—except the team doesn't know that in another part of the city, a different entity has also breached the threshold between worlds. JC, Melody and Happy all come face to face with their future selves, but will their warnings come too late. Will the events at a small radio station, bring about the end of the world?

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Director & Cast

Director Scott McCormick
Starring Nanette Savard, Matthew Keenan, Colleen Delany, Scott McCormick, Kimberly Gilbert, Steven Carpenter, Rebecca Sheir, Yasmin Tuazon, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Patrick Bussink, Andy Brownstein, Katy Carcuff, Evan Casey, Nora Achrati, Ken Jackson, Doug Brown, Laura C. Harris and David Coyne
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Scott McCormick
Dialogue Editors John Glennon
Sound Designers Justin Wortz
Additional Original Music Justin Wortz
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Great story by K (Posted on 8/16/2018)
Like the title says, it is a great story.
The power of the flesh (but not of the undying flesh) by Alexander (Posted on 8/5/2017)
The ghostfinders are still as good as ever. This one is good on so many levels.
Please hurry by Charles (Posted on 4/9/2016)
This probably my most favorite series but now I have to wait for more, please hurry.
GHOST FINDERS 5 : Voices From Beyond by Betsy (Posted on 9/29/2015)
Wow! Totally didn't expect this plot. Hoping for #6 in this series!
Ghost Finders: Voices From Beyond by Anthony (Posted on 9/7/2015)
As always GA have done another great job with this series. Look forward to others in the near future.
Ghost Finders by Lance (Posted on 4/20/2015)
My first audio book I ever tried and wow. I am hooked to this story. It has just enough of humor and adventure and madness. I now own all of the series to date and can't wait till the next one comes out.
need more by steven (Posted on 4/8/2015)
Can't wait for the next one, when is it coming out
Ghost Finders by Anthony (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Another great one in the series, cannot wait till the the next one.
Best made of the series by damien (Posted on 3/30/2015)
The series has come a long way from the sheer campiness of the first episode. While personally my favorite story was the second one (I like craziness and madcap adventures) this entry is by far the best written story-wise, the performances and effects are spot on and it sets up the field for the (presumed) final entry when it comes out (book comes out later this year, so I'm guessing the GA will be a bit after). Quite enjoyable and an excellent job all around.
ghost finders by Liondall (Posted on 3/19/2015)

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