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14 : The Terror

by Jerry Ahern
Jun 1, 2009
5 Hours
Ages 18+
Vladmir Karamatsov is a man possessed who demands the world from God. "My hour will come, inevitably. You can't stop me, even if you exist. And he can't stop me. John Rourke cannot stop me! He cannot stop me! John Rourke cannot stop me!"

In this world growing more crowded and perilous by the day, John Rourke must use every means at his command to stop the despotic dreams of The Hero Marshall and his doomsday weapon; a weapon unleashing the evil, the beast lurking in the heart of every man to serve the lusts of Vladmir Karamatsov.

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Director & Cast

Director Timothy Lynch
Starring Terence Aselford, Eric Messner, Nanette Savard, Elizabeth Jernigan, David Coyne, Michael Glenn, Tony Nam, M. B. Van Dorn, Michael John Casey, Terence Aselford, James Konicek, Tom Simpson, Richard Rohan, Dylan Lynch, Elizabeth Demery, Lily Beacon, Ren Kasey, and Mort Shelby
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Joshua Christiano
Dialogue Editors Greg Reinfeld and Brian Rogers
Sound Designers Greg Reinfeld and Brian Rogers
Additional Original Music Matt Webb
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


WHAT HAPPENED? by Norman (Posted on 8/28/2018)
Generally Graphic Audio is extremely addictive and a good listen. I'm so glad this wasn't one of the first ones I picked up. I travel a lot and I use these stories to keep me alert and mind sharp. This did the exact opposite. I was dozing off on the first CD. I had to pull over and take a power nap.

The acting was blah and monotone. The music failed to strike the right cords...or any cord for that matter. I didn't care for the sound effects either.

I will not be trying anything else from this series. This did not properly depict and represent the Graphic Audio I have come to love over the years.
Good book. by tyler (Posted on 10/4/2014)
Vlads madness has truly begun. I look forward to seeing what he will do.
The Survivalist #14 The Terror by Steven (Posted on 6/10/2014)
Karamatsov 's evil knows no bounds. With his doomsday gas weapon, he is even willing to slaughter other Russian's in the Urals who do not agree with his plans of revenge & conquest. Rourke's son must try to stop him somhow.
Wicked Evil! by Patrick Capuano (Posted on 4/15/2014)
Karamatsov's truly an evil and cruel man! By this book, you'll really want him dead (if you haven't already)! Frightening mutated humans abound and the exciting action continues! Superb audio production, the best in the business!

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