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19 : Final Rain

by Jerry Ahern
Feb 1, 2010
4 Hours
Ages 18+
John Thomas Rourke's remarkable survival skills enabled him to emerge unscathed from the nuclear devastation of W.W. III. But terrifying new storm clouds loom over the eastern horizon-as the ex-CIA Covert Operations Officer and weapons expert takes command of his battered nation's broadening air and land war against the brutal Soviet foe.

Russian troops, utilizing a blood-curdling new Particle Beam technology, have launched a furious assault on the Eden Project. Joining forces with his international allies-including the army of the underwater citadel Mid-Wake - Rourke races to the defense of the beleaguered settlement. The entire world is dividing to do battle a fourth time. But this time the Earth's atmospheric envelope is so fragile that a single nuclear bomb blast will assure the total annihilation of mankind. And unless John Thomas Rourke can stem the raging Communist death-tide before the ultimate button is pushed, no power on the planet will be able to forestall humanity's extinction - not even The Survivalist.

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Director & Cast

Director Timothy Lynch
Starring Terence Aselford, Mort Shelby, M. B. Van Dorn, Dylan Lynch, Ken Jackson, Christopher Graybill, Eric Messner, Michael Glenn, Ren Kasey, M. J. Casey, Steven Carpenter, Lilly David, Thomas Penny, Tom Simpson, Jeff Baker, Lily Beacon, David Coyne, James Konicek, Sunny Laskey, Scott Mccormick, Tony Nam, Laura Quinn Anderson, Richard Rohan and Nanette Savard
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Timothy Lynch
Dialogue Editors Bryan Patton
Sound Designers Bryan Patton
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Great book. by tyler (Posted on 10/17/2014)
As usual a great book in the series. Still some questions unanswered.
Survivalist #19 Final Rain by Steven (Posted on 6/17/2014)
Russian troops have launched an attack on the Eden Project with the deadly particle beam weapons. An attack with forces from MId-Wake and other international allies desperately try to defend the defenseless settlement. And the continuing threat of nuclear detonations that will certainly destroy earths fragile atmosphere permanently.
Awesome! by Patrick Capuano (Posted on 4/15/2014)
The Eden Colony threatened! Internal struggles abound! Portentous storm clouds loom! And if that wasn't enough, the Russians now have a powerful new weapon technology! The earth's fragile atmosphere is again threatened! How will Rourke and co. overcome it all? Read (Listen) on my friends, GA's wonderful audio production and the great story won't let you down!

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