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Chaos Queen
1 : Duskfall

by Christopher Husberg
Feb 27, 2017
9 Hours
Ages 18+
Pulled from a frozen sea, pierced by arrows and close to death, Knot has no memory of who he was. But his dreams are dark, filled with violence and unknown faces. Winter, a tiellan woman whose people have long been oppressed by humans, is married to and abandoned by Knot on the same day. In her search for him, she will discover her control of magic, but risk losing herself utterly. And Cinzia, priestess and true believer, returns home to discover her family at the heart of a heretical rebellion. A rebellion that only the Inquisition can crush…

Their fates and those of others will intertwine, in a land where magic and daemons are believed dead, but dark forces still vie for power.

Duskfall is the first audiobook in the Chaos Queen Quintet.

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Director & Cast

Director Nanette Savard
Starring Nanette Savard as Narrator, Dani Stoller as Winter, Thomas Keegan as Knot, Marni Penning as Cinzia, Alyssa Wilmoth as Astrid and Audrey Bertaux as Jane. With Amanda Forstrom, Bradley Smith, Eric Messner, Tim Getman, Christopher Walker, David Jourdan, Todd Scofield, Evan Casey, Terence Aselford, Stephon Walker, Karen Novack, Richard Rohan, Brian Hemmingsen, Ken Jackson, Tracy Olivera, Tia Shearer, Michael John Casey, Nick DePinto, Jonathan Feuer, Zoe Badovinac, Andy Clemence, Scott McCormick, Michael Glenn, and Colleen Delany
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Yasmin Tuazon
Dialogue Editors Mackubin Owens and Casey Green
Sound Designers Casey Green
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


interesting andenjoyable by rafael (Posted on 5/25/2017)
I didn't think I would enjoy this book, but I did. This was an interesting, enjoyable, an intriguing story. It had lots of action with a good story.
Great Production, Average Story. by Justin (Posted on 5/8/2017)
First, I'll talk about the production. Beware that if you listen to the audio sample on SoundCloud, you're in for a scene halfway through the book. I wouldn't if I were you.
This was my first experience with Casey Green as the sound designer, and I was not disappointed. The music was great, with some familiar pieces and some that felt new. And the acting... I really enjoyed it. Great performances overall, with no actor overshadowing another.

For the story... I'll review it more on my Goodreads page, but it was overall clichet. It started out great, but slowly got worse as it went on. The magic system was the most interesting part. I liked how it messed with one of the characters. But the priestess and her goddess guard's motivations were flimsy at best. I have no idea why they went along for the ride, other than that the plot needed them to make a key discovery, which would then outline in clear detail the last hour of the story. One character, who briefly played a somewhat major role, disappeared without any of the others asking questions. The villain was typical. Evil, evil, evil. Nothing complex about it.

I certainly enjoyed the production. if it weren't for it, I would've stopped reading about 50 pages from the ending. But I won't be buying the sequel.
A Promising new series. by Scott (Posted on 3/22/2017)
I'd never heard of this series before hearing it on GA. I liked the book. Many of the characters felt real, even though it feels like we've only gotten to the first of several layers of the characters that are still alive at the end of the book. This is, fair warning, very much a first book in a series so the ending doesn't provide much in the way of answers or a completely satisfying conclusion. Much time is spent building the world and the culture and hinting at the past in this book. Which for future book I think will make for a really good foundation for the story.

Short review is if you looking for a new fantasy with interesting characters thing give the Chaos Queen series a try.

You have elves who aren't guite elf like, psychic magic assassins, Dark rites to release ancient unspeakable evils on the world and hints at much greater things to come.
The Chaos Queen : Duskfall by Michael (Posted on 3/10/2017)
Have to admit straight up front, Christopher Husberg can tell one heck of a story. The shear volume of characters involved along with the converging story lines are nothing less than astounding. The author must have a flowchart that covers most of the rooms in his home to keep track! I like the story so much, I will purchase the books as well.

The only issue I have with the work is on the shoulders of GA. Three of the main female characters have very like sounding voices and it took me 3-4 CDs to get who was who. This is disappointing because it makes a quick twisting story line all that much harder to follow. The second oddity is when I character comes back to life in a different body and has the exact same voice she had prior to departure! The author does a great job of describing the difference between the two and yet...the voice remains the same. Odd.
absolutely lovely. by Kurt (Posted on 3/3/2017)
One of the most interesting books I have ever listened to. I am looking forward too book 2.
Great Book by Andreas (Posted on 3/2/2017)
If you like Brandon Sanderson you will enjoy this too

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