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Stormlight Archive
3 : Oathbringer (6 of 6)

by Brandon Sanderson
Sep 24, 2018
7 Hours
Ages 13+
In Oathbringer, the third volume of the New York Times bestselling Stormlight Archive, humanity faces a new Desolation with the return of the Voidbringers, a foe with numbers as great as their thirst for vengeance.

Dalinar Kholin’s Alethi armies won a fleeting victory at a terrible cost: The enemy Parshendi summoned the violent Everstorm, which now sweeps the world with destruction, and in its passing awakens the once peaceful and subservient parshmen to the horror of their millennia-long enslavement by humans. While on a desperate flight to warn his family of the threat, Kaladin Stormblessed must come to grips with the fact that the newly kindled anger of the parshmen may be wholly justified.

Nestled in the mountains high above the storms, in the tower city of Urithiru, Shallan Davar investigates the wonders of the ancient stronghold of the Knights Radiant and unearths dark secrets lurking in its depths. And Dalinar realizes that his holy mission to unite his homeland of Alethkar was too narrow in scope. Unless all the nations of Roshar can put aside Dalinar’s blood-soaked past and stand together—and unless Dalinar himself can confront that past—even the restoration of the Knights Radiant will not prevent the end of civilization.

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Director & Cast

Director Rose Elizabeth Supan
Starring Dylan Lynch as The Narrator, Andy Clemence as Dalinar Kholin, Robbie Gay as Kaladin Stormblessed, Casie Platt as Shallan Davar, Tim Getman as Adolin Kholin, Kimberly Gilbert as Lift and Shalash, Michael Glenn as Odium, Yasmin Tuazon as Rysn and Teshav, Bradley Smith as Szeth and Wyndle, Chris Davenport as Wit and Vstim, Alejandro Ruiz as Renarin Kholin, Lily Beacon as Navani Kholin, Richard Rohan as King Taravangian, Tracy Lynn Olivera as Venli, Zoe Badovinac as Jasnah Kholin, Nora Achrati as Syl, James Konicek as Stormfather and Honor and Matthew McGee as Lopen. With Thomas Penny, Terence Aselford, Eric Messner, Colleen Delany, Ken Jackson, Karen Novack, Chris Genebach, Ryan Carlo Dalusung, Gwen Grastorf, Lawrence Redmond, Barbara Pinolini, Bru Ajueyitsi, Scott McCormick, Michael John Casey, Jonathon Church, David Harris, Jonathan Feuer, Jessica Lefkow, Nick DePinto, Sasha Olinick, Stephon Walker, Jacob Yeh, Peter Holdway, Duyen Washington, Drew Kopas, Patrick Bussink, Mort Shelby, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Mary C. Davis, Thomas Keegan, Evan Casey, Carolyn Kashner, Cameron McNary, Nanette Savard, Dani Stoller, Danny Gavigan, Christopher Graybill, Joe Mallon, Dawn Ursula, David Jourdan and Niusha Nawab
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Johann Dettweiler
Dialogue Editors Johann Dettweiler
Sound Designers Johann Dettweiler
Original Theme Music Johann Dettweiler
Additional Original Music Johann Dettweiler
Cover Illustrator Cover Art © 2017 Michael Whelan, MichaelWhelan.com
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


better the more time you listen to them by Michael (Posted on 2/20/2019)
on my 7th run through of the series half way through book 2 and every time i listen i pick up more and new things. i enjoy having these books to listen too while working or long road trips. will keep on buying.
One of the greatest epics of our time. by Brandon (Posted on 2/6/2019)
The first Graphic Audio book I listened to was Mistborn. Little did I know the path it would take me down.

I instantly became a fan of Brandon Sanderson and Graphic audio. The production value of this work is simply outstanding. The music gives me chills, and I've been brought to tears more than once.

The story is amazing. The character growth is some of the best I've ever seen. Being book 3 and learning about Dalinar's past and how he became the man he is is awesome. Several quotes from this novel have stuck with me and I've listened to the finale around 5 times now.

I can't recommend this story or production enough.
Oathbringer by William (Posted on 12/11/2018)
Another phenomenonal cosmere adaption! Pure gold.
Epic and grand as ever by Conrad (Posted on 12/2/2018)
Brandon Sanderson does not disappoint with a satisfying resolution to many questions that have been Brewing throughout the book. In typical Brandon Sanderson fashion, still many theories and questions linger.

Graphic Audio wise, Johann Dettweiler is superb. I feel the gravity and the danger of the situation when it happens. In all the Stormlight Archive books I almost want to extract the background music to listen to as I am into film and cinematic music. Like any graphic audio project, the music is on par with any Hollywood film production.
Perfect Art in Sound by Chris (Posted on 11/26/2018)
This final part of Oathbringer is worth the build up from the previous installations. Part six picks up with better than four solid hours of glorious battle with legends of old marching out of the dust of time in a rekindling of ancient oaths with characters you followed from the beginning standing upon the battlefield of destiny. The voice acting is great. The ambient sounds don't drown out the dialogue. The graphicaudio production is just as much a work of art as the novels.

Fun fact (Easter Egg?) to think about: Where did the sword the Assassin in White carries come from? The answer might be in another graphic audio book!
I LOVE this series. by Rachel (Posted on 11/25/2018)
I am a truck driver, so I try to spend my hours and hours of driving engaged in a book. This series is by far my favorite. I even go so far as to re-listen from the very beginning while I wait for the first two books of the next installment to come out. I love everything about them- the music, effects, which voice does which character (and I have to agree, the original Lopen voice was better. You can't switch out 3 books into it.) I never read Sanderson's books or even heard of him, until I started listening to GA. Good on you for expanding my horizons. When I'm not listening, I'm daydreaming about becoming a voice actor. I cannot wait to see how this saga ends, and yet, I don't want it to end.
the stormlight archive by Victoria (Posted on 11/10/2018)
this series has been awesome cant wait till the next book comes out
Brandon Sanderson's largest novel yet finished in Graphic Audio form! by John (Posted on 10/28/2018)
I've checked and there is no other competing service for your special treatment to novels. I'm a customer for life or until competition arises.
Now, your process cuts a lot of words out of the complete unabridged novel on shelves. Thank you for cutting out the dialogue regarding what all the emotion spren are constantly doing nearby the characters. Thank you for this, but Sanderson purists should read along with the audio playing to note Roshar's spren in appearance in the physical realm as well as what they look like in Shadesmar, the intellectual realm.
If not for abridging the book it could be 10 parts instead of just 6.
So, each Stormlight Archive is written as a 5 act trilogy, a Quintology? So trilogy for ease. That means he has given us a Trilogy of Trilogies in 7 years time! Fantastic and I dare another author to write this expansive, involve most of his current works and build his signature Cosmere in the background all the while.
I really like the transformation that comes from listening to the audible version and then hearing your version.
I thought maybe for the next book, Stormlight 4, you could introduce some new music themes that haven't already been heard so far. Oh, and please bring the original Lopen actor back. He is missed and where there is The Lopen there are the laughs.
Thanks GA staff
awesome series! by Michael (Posted on 10/25/2018)
This is one of my favorite series of all time, and you guys/gals at graphic audio did a great job with the audiobooks for it (as always) and also loving that the app now has a sleep timer on it! keep up the good work
Love this series by Jarom (Posted on 10/16/2018)
Already read the books. Can't wait for the fourth installment
Praise for Oathbringer by Jeffrey (Posted on 10/9/2018)
What more can I say? Sanderson is a genius, working in rich, interconnected worlds of incredible lore populated by a wealth of unforgettable characters. The Graphic Audio production of this masterpiece is, in my humble opinion, the ONLY way to properly experience Oathbringer the way the author must have intended. The seamless weaving of its musical score, incidental sounds, and nuanced voice acting impresses me just a little more every time I listen to a new installment.

These guys do it right! I'm a cheerful and willing addict for life.
Oathbringer by Jeremy (Posted on 10/1/2018)
I am a huge fan of the stormlight archive series and the way the voice actors work perfectly. I found oathbringer to be my least favorite of the series so far. I feel like it’s one big long build up with very little action. Not like the first two books where I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Still one of my favorite series of all time, just not my favorite book of the three.
Fabulous, Fantastic, Unbelievable, Bravo Zulu by Robert (Posted on 9/26/2018)
Brandon Sanderson Knows how to write an ending. Graphic Audio Knows how deliver. This is probably the best GA Book ever. I just want to know when the next Stormlight Archive book will be released .

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