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108 : Nemesis

by James Axler
Mar 1, 2013
5 Hours
Ages 18+
Burying the past in a nuclear cull, Deathlands spares no one from its punishing assault. In this grim new reality, there's little to live-or die-for, except the possibility of unlocking the mysteries of the past. Ryan Cawdor and his group of fellow survivors scour the perilous land for sanctuary in a world where nothing is guaranteed but death.

Hiring on as crew to a merchant's wag-train, Ryan and his companions anticipate trouble as they head west toward what was once Montana. The terrain is treacherous, but the company is worse as anger, jealousy and male rivalry erupt into chaos and death. But as they get closer to their destination, the true nature of the journey unfolds. There's a map to a mysterious valley rich with predark stockpiles. But is it the promised land they've been seeking...or the dead end they never saw coming?

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Director & Cast

Director Nanette Savard
Starring Richard Rohan, Terence Aselford, Colleen Delany, Delores King Williams, Tim Carlin, Scott McCormick, Tim Pabon, Kimberly Gilbert, Richard Cutting, Danny Gavigan, Nick Depinto, Steven Carpenter, Nanette Savard, Alyssa Wilmoth, Nora Achrati, Thomas Keegan, Tim Getman, David Coyne, Thomas Penny, Christopher Graybill and Drew Kopas
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Nathanial Perry
Dialogue Editors Nathanial Perry, Damyon 'Chop' Richardson and Brian Rogers
Sound Designers Brian Rogers, Patrick Stratton and Allison Thomas
Original Theme Music Mark Ashby
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


intriguing by rafael (Posted on 5/15/2018)
These story are so interesting really like them.
Fun as always. by Peyton (Posted on 9/7/2017)
Wow! They went straight up Road Warrior in this one. I couldn't stop grinning maniacally when I realized Olympia had weaponized an entire herd of Buffalo.
Awesome by brian (Posted on 10/2/2016)
The story is a little short, but the characters are nice and the conflicts are interesting as well.
slickman the man by Larry (Posted on 9/19/2015)
glad i got this book i really like it
#108 by Jack (Posted on 9/16/2014)
Wow glad I'm not the only one who noticed the books getting shorter. But a good listen all the same.
Deathlands #108 Nemesis by Steven (Posted on 6/16/2014)
The companions hire as crew and sec on a wag-train. This gets them on the trail of a valley loaded with predark weapons & supplies. Is the map genuine or does it lead too a deadly trap from which no one returns?
Nemesis by robert (Posted on 6/13/2014)
Always hunting new supply's or being a guide
deathlands 111 by kenneth (Posted on 8/22/2013)
great read from 1-10 I rate it a 9+
Review by robert hir (Posted on 5/23/2013)
I liked this one. Good acting, good sound effects, good story, no complaints about any part of it. The ending was kinda sad, but a very enjoyable Deathlands story. Oh, and the Kelvin or Rud preview at the end led me to purchasing it, sounded pretty good.
Review by Johnny Tai (Posted on 5/23/2013)
A good episode in the long running Deathlands series. This one is full of good action, good acting, great music/sounds, and has a strong plot-line. And Ricky is still in the picture woohoo!

I like the fact that this one has a deeper undercurrent of sadness, darkness, and more humanity than some of the other ones.

A good man spent his life struggling with something awful that he did earlier in a moment of weakness, and ended up paying the ultimate price.

A friendship born of a fist fight, a rapist brought to justice, and more interesting little twists in the story kept me focused all the way through.
Review by Scott Callen (Posted on 5/23/2013)
OK guys this one is good. And we know that GA always does the best they can with the material. Deathlands is written by several writers some better than others but not very many are outright poor. Thanks to GA ,Ryan and crew have become good friends for many long days driving.

Just one thing...THEY KEEP GETTING SHORTER!!!! books or editing? dunno?

Please keep em commin! (just dont go filler crazy like outlanders!! great stories ruined by drag n drop paragraphs!)
Review by ray grant (Posted on 5/23/2013)
Very good but way way too short

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