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109 : Chrono Spasm

by James Axler
May 1, 2013
5 Hours
Ages 18+
Remnants of humanity have managed to regroup after a global nuclear showdown that decimated the planet. But life in Deathlands is a far cry from actual living. And the survivors must believe they'll find something better, because surrendering to the inhospitable forces of a nuked world means giving in to death. Or worse.

Fear and human depravity permeate the frigid air in a once-dynamic Alaskan city. Ryan Cawdor and his group of survivalists go on red alert the moment they set foot on the forbidding tundra, but regardless, they find themselves rounded up by cannibal coldhearts. The companions quickly discover there's a fate much worse than becoming food. Dangerous new experiments are taking place in a long-abandoned military base and, in the bitter heart of the frozen North, new horrors reach out to poison their hope for a better tomorrow.

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Director & Cast

Director Nathanial Perry
Starring Richard Rohan, Terence Aselford, Delores King Williams, Colleen Delany, Tim Pabon, Kimberly Gilbert, Dylan Lynch, Steven Carpenter, Eric Messner, Danny Gavigan, Nick DePinto, Gregory Gorton, James Lewis, Gary Telles, Lily Beacon and Nanette Savard
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Nathanial Perry
Dialogue Editors Nathanial Perry, Damyon 'Chop' Richardson and Brian Rogers
Sound Designers Nathanial Perry
Original Theme Music Mark Ashby
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


crazy by rafael (Posted on 5/15/2018)
this was just crazy good.
Confusing by brian (Posted on 10/2/2016)
This one is a good story, but a little slow and confusing.
slickman the man by Larry (Posted on 9/19/2015)
not one of the best books out there but also not the worst
Chrono Spasm by Jakob (Posted on 10/7/2014)
Was not the best of the series but still a bit entertaining, not exactly how I would like to see the end of a book either.
Absolutely.. " Mind Blowing ! " by JEFF (Posted on 6/19/2014)
Absolutely.. " Mind Blowing ! "

Deathlands #109 Chrono Spasm by Steven (Posted on 6/16/2014)
Once again in Alaska, the companions trek into the wilderness only to be captured by cannies. Escaping they find a city and a long abandoned military base. Experiments may hold the clue to Doc rejoining his beloved family.
Chrono spasm by robert (Posted on 6/13/2014)
The time travel was a little odd
chrono spasm by karl (Posted on 1/17/2014)
i like that there back in Alaska makes a great back drop for the story,and i always love when they kill cannibals but the story takes some crazy hard to fellow 3rd dimension thing with Doc or other Doc not sure and the good parts of the story were pushed and the story was very confusing it jump around to much in the story but as always Graphic Audio people were great the voice acting was topnotch
Haunting Doc Tanner Character Study by Tad (Posted on 1/16/2014)
Chron Spasm was a great opportunity to have another look at Doc Tanner, as he again flirted with the tantilizing possibility of returning to his beloved family and Victorian era. Pretty slow-starting, as the story built, but the last disc-and-a-half was gripping, not with edge-of-your-seat action, but with the insight into Doc's soul, and the war between his loyalties to his past life and his current one. If you've read/listened to all the DL series, you really care about these characters, and this one is beautifully acted. Great to see the DL franchise is being so well-written again!
A well-executed thriller by Audiofile Magazine (Posted on 10/3/2013)
The harsh elements of Alaska and equally harsh scenes are described with a cool efficiency by Richard Rohan and enhanced by a range of character voices, music, and sound effects. Although the plot can be difficult to follow due to the multiple subplots, one involving a time portal, the balance of volume between Rohan and the rest of the cast is excellent. The depictions of violence are not for the faint of heart and are made all the more realistic by the accompanying sounds; for instance, when a man is burned to death, you actually hear the crackle of the flames and his agonized screams of pain. Russian accents are believable and not overdone. A well-executed thriller. E.E. © AudioFile 2013, Portland, Maine
Chrono Spasm by Jonathon (Posted on 9/9/2013)
I thought this was an odd book. Love this series however every now and then one seems to be either hard to follow or a bit hard to bite into. This was one of those. A bit of to much Fantasy maybe? Anyway always enjoy a new episode!
Review by Ray Grant (Posted on 7/12/2013)
Unlike the other 2 reviews I liked the story, I've heard every deathlands episode and in almost everyone of them their are some flaws, I could go through every episode and pick out the problems but that's not the fault of G.A .. its the different people who write the DL series but do not know or don't do the research before they write A Episode to continue the story...... but I liked this episode , I think its interesting and very well done.
Review by Johnny Tai (Posted on 5/23/2013)
This one is slightly over the top, with a weird time/scifi element thrown into it as backdrop and alot of the usual capture and escape we come to expect from this series.

I find the plot cuts in and out too much- almost like bad editing or abridgement...like in the end, it says nothing about how Ryan and company tracked down JB and his group- just..."After reuniting..." I think if done in a slightly longer format, it'd be less choppy.

The plot itself has some definite holes too, a couple of example are when Jack and Rick tried to make their escape, Jack was clearly worrying about only having one gun and not enough ammo, and then he shot a guard carrying an AK and he didn't even pick it up...

Another plot hole is when the Baron was eating an apple? Um, where did that come from? did they import it from Japan? lol

And doc stabbing his sword into the machine in the end...now that should've fried him to a crisp lol.

Over all not one of the better Deathlands IMO.
Review by ray grant (Posted on 5/23/2013)
Unlike the other 2 reviews I liked the story, I've heard every deathlands episode and in almost everyone of them their are some flaws, I could go through every episode and pick out the problems but that's not the fault of G.A .. its the different people who write the DL series but do not know or don't do the research before they write A Episode to continue the story...... but I liked this episode , I think its interesting and very well done.
Review by robert hir (Posted on 5/23/2013)
This one is a mixed bag of tricks. The production and voice acting was excellent as always from Graphic Audio, but there were a few spots where Kristy didn't sound right, it was like her dialog was recorded differently than the rest of the cast. The story... well, the first 3 of 5 parts of the audio can be skipped, and you'd lose nothing from the overall story. The beginning of the book is the usual capture by a no-name baron, in a no-name location, with some back and forth interactions which don't carry the story forward at all. The heroes aren't affected by cold, or need to eat it seems. At one point, just to insure that neither Kristy or Mildred are violated by the bad guys whom have them captive, they "disagree" with their captors from a position of no power what so ever, and throw some of their no-name cellmates under the bus, to be violated by the no-name baron. Also in a town where an awful lot of work is done to retrieve guns and ammunition, the heroes equipment which has been taken from them is of course safely stored away, all in one spot, with none of the bad guys claiming it for themselves of course. When the story starts getting good, there's plot flaws too, it seems for some reason the entire party all travel the same direction just assuming they are following one another, when the author could have simply had them follow footprints in the snow, but chose not to. They end up carrying along a no-name add-on to the party, to meet her doesn't matter family, and soon after it seems that the family they re-unite just melds into the back-ground, with nothing to offer and no more interaction. Jack and Ricky also meld into the background into complete inactivity for no good reason.

It's not Graphic Audio's fault the story was a stinker, and like I said the production values except for a few Kristy parts was very good like usual. I know it's got to be hard to do anything new with the Deathlands 109 books in, but the story on this one was only 1/2 good, and there were major flaws with the good parts. it's an extreme case of check out the characters from the library, no changes are to be made to them, check them back in at the end same as you took them out. The whole thing had a sort of depressing aspect to it too, not an ounce of fun for anyone in the story. Oh, the person who played the russian girl was very good for the part she played, it wasn't someone doing an over the top Russian accent for the character.

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