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130 : City of Dark

by James Axler
Oct 23, 2017
6 Hours
Ages 18+
Having narrowly escaped with their lives from the redoubt near Cornerstone, the Deathlands survivors known as the Companions arrive via mat-trans at a destination they presume to be North Dakota, if the mysterious codes given them while in Cornerstone are accurate. That assumption is soon put in doubt as they discover a devastated city covered in continual ashfall, a sky perpetually obscured by black clouds illuminated only by sporadic lightning. The former metropolis is not deserted, however, but densely populated with ravening hordes of barely human creatures that seek only to feast on the weak. And the mat-trans that brought the companions here is a smoking ruin.

Ryan Cawdor and his friends are thrust into a breathless quest for safe haven in an environment beyond hostile, all the while trying to determine just what the story is in this fresh hell in which they’ve landed.

Deathlands 130: City Of Dark is an original Deathlands story written specifically for GraphicAudio and is available in no other format.

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Director & Cast

Director Richard Rohan
Starring Richard Rohan as Ryan & Jak, Colleen Delany as Krysty, Terence Aselford as JB & Doc, Delores King Williams as Mildred, Alejandro Ruiz as Ricky, Laura C.Harris as Desiree and Sophie Bradley Smith as Frere Didot, Peter Holdway as Bishop Ransom, Eddie and Jean Camille, Steven Carpenter as Deacon Bernard, with Carolyn Kashner, Ken Jackson, Chris Scheeren, Alyssa Wilmoth, Drew Kopas, and Ren Kasey
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Alan Philipson
Dialogue Editors David Zitney
Sound Designers David Zitney
Original Theme Music David Zitney, based on a theme by Mark Ashby
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan, Duane Beeman and Matt Webb
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


creepy by rafael (Posted on 5/17/2018)
Some times these stories can be creepy but still good.
City of Dark by Daniel (Posted on 4/14/2018)
This was indeed a excellent listen, (with compliments to the graphic audio voice cast I don't think a bad listen is possible). Thought this episodes ending would be more, set you up for a huge ending,it was a logical ending. Perhaps it is to create a lifeline for future episodes; at least thats what I hope. Great listen either way.
First Stand-alone DL Title was Very Enjoyable by Tad (Posted on 3/30/2018)
After the sometimes-heavy three-parter culminating in Angels of our Nature, it's good to get back to a singular DL adventure with a beginning and an ending, all within 5 hrs. City of Dark finds the companions in Paris, a new setting, which allows Doc and Mildred to exchange some great lines about pre-dark France culture. Ongoing drama with Magus and Kristy's mothering instincts both add to the narrative. A good stand-alone addition to the DL canon.
Failed Oppurtunity by Dustin (Posted on 3/19/2018)
Once again in the Deathlands saga, a small group of new people is there to travel with the companions and nope they are just dumped in a redoubt and left, on something as simple as a passing lust. Failed story oppurtunity. The recent addition of pregnancy makes you seriously question why Mildred has never gotten pregnant. The extreme cut off of magus story lline once again in death lands is also blah. Hopefully they get better as the recent ones seem short and lacking to me. Sorry GA.
Deathlands #130 City of Dark by Steven (Posted on 12/27/2017)
Excellent continuation of the series. Another European excursion, a bit darker and seemingly hopeless with the shadow of the Magus again in evidence. Krysty's pregnancy will sometime soon figure in a major way in the storylines.
Deathlands 130 : City of Dark by Mike (Posted on 12/27/2017)
This is a great continuation of the series, it keeps you on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what happens next! I love this series and it's squeal "Outlanders". Anxiously awaiting the next book of it also! Great job guys/gals, your audio acting is great. I wish I could actually meet the group one day.
Mr. by John (Posted on 12/18/2017)
Definitely different. They always seem to end up in the s@#t. Somebody needs to kill Magus. I was really hoping Ryan would have expanded the group with the Parisians, but that could have gotten interesting with Kristy.
Loved it!!!! by Michael (Posted on 12/5/2017)
A great story full of strange and spooky cannie creatures. I love it when the companions visit different places and have a really bad day, LOL. The Mat-Trans can take them anyplace and maybe even "any time" if they can ever figure it out. I'd love to see Ryan and his team get bogged down in India someday. Keep 'em coming you wonderful Graphic Audio guys & gals.
Until the end. by Levi (Posted on 12/4/2017)
I loved this story... until the end. The book through the first five hours was great with tons of action and a haunting world full of mystery and horror. The ending however felt very rushed. The companions meet up with the Parisians and I quote the narrator: "spent the next few hours making a plan". Their amazing plan was to casually stroll into the headquarters of the black coats and use their "door to heaven"... AND IT WORKS! There is no exciting climax, no final fight, no answers to our questions. It just ends. A side character gets an ending to his story but not the companions. It just feels strange that everything goes right. I guess I like it in some "changing things up" regard but it was unusual. Everything working out isn't bad, it is the way we are left feeling unfulfilled. The book creates this terrifying city with demons, constant ash fall, and a satanic figure head but we don't get any answers and the ending does not suggest we will get those answers anytime soon.

Finally (spoiler).

The only interaction regarding Kristy and Ryan is a short awkward spat. I wanted more.

Like I said, I loved most of this book. Perhaps (hopefully) we will get the answers, but this book was definitely still worth the listen. I eagerly await the next in the series. Keep up the fantastic work everyone involved in the production of this story/presentation!
a GOOD ONE by robert (Posted on 11/26/2017)
On it's own, this was a pretty good Deathlands, not the usual kinda story that we were getting, started out all action, and you don't get background till around the middle, but it worked. My only nit-pick was this one followed a really awesome 4 parter, and was a 360 from that story, so a little jarring. Worth a listen definately though. Would have done 3.5 headphones if they offered 1/2 points..
Holy smokes by jerry (Posted on 11/9/2017)
Ever since GA took over production and writing the Dealthlands series it has greatly improved. This book is one of the best-written ones in a long while. I am loving what you guys are doing.
City of dark by robert (Posted on 11/6/2017)
Was good to hear deathlands again. great effects
I LIKE IT !!! by Michael (Posted on 11/2/2017)
Great story full of the fierce, strange, spooky, and vicious adventures which we have come to expect from Deathlands and the companions. It also opens the door to new adventures in strange and far away places.

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