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74 : Strontium Swamp

by James Axler
Aug 1, 2006
6 Hours
Ages 18+
In their darkest moments, few citizens of the twentieth century could have envisioned the firestorm that plunged the world into the chaos of a nuke-altered reality. Twenty-second-century America may not be much worth fighting for, but Ryan Cawdor and his warrior survivalists push on, clinging to the deep wellspring of human hope that somewhere in the raw, violent frontier of a rad-blasted tomorrow is someplace they can call home.

Weary, sick and hungry, the group barely survives a trek through the torturous deserts of the Southwest which leads into the bayous of what was once Louisiana, a place one of their own first called home. The eerie, lifeless silence of the swamps warns of trouble ahead. But nothing can prepare them for Dr. Jean, a madman who has harnessed pre-Dark tech to create an army of crazed zombies marching toward his own twisted vision of Deathlands domination.

Welcome to the Deathlands, a place that welcomes no one.

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Director & Cast

Director Richard Rohan
Starring Richard Rohan, Terence Aselford, Colleen Delany, Delores King Williams, Nanette Savard, Karen Carbone, David Coyne, Cate Torre, Casey Jones, Michael Replogle and Ken Jackson
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Bill Campbell
Dialogue Editors Bryan Patton and Brian Rogers
Sound Designers Bryan Patton and Brian Rogers
Original Theme Music Mark Ashby
Additional Original Music Dan Sondak, Matt Webb, Nathanial Perry, Bryan Patton and Chris Rohan
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


good by rafael (Posted on 5/10/2018)
this was a good story it kept me interested through the whole book.
74 by nicole (Posted on 11/21/2016)
Ahhh Zombies in Deathlands. Never thought they would mix so perfectly.
AAA+++ by Larry (Posted on 5/3/2015)
Madman and Zombie make for a good book
ok by Ronald (Posted on 8/31/2014)
Not as good as Labyrith but still a good listen
Strontium swamp by Tracy (Posted on 8/4/2014)
What happened to Jubilee? Also for like the last 5 books its been all about making sacrifices to appease the gods. kinda getting old
whew by Jack (Posted on 7/22/2014)
Almost thought we were losing jak. Glad he came to his senses.
Deatlands Strontium Swamp by Steven (Posted on 6/10/2014)
Barely escaping a deadly & featureless desert, Ryan & companions reach the area of Jaks's swamp home and find it firmly under the control of a new baron who uses an old broadcasting and drugs for mind control. Jak wants to fight but the others feel it is hopeless. Will they go their separate ways.
Ehhhhh..... by Michael (Posted on 10/21/2013)
This one was a bit disappointing. The action is dull in comparison to the last one, Labyrinth. Having only listened to these and not read them, it's difficult to say if this was due to the author or Graphic Audio. This seemed a chapter that would focus around Jack and his unique abilities. However it falls short. The beginning left a big question in my mind as well. What became of Jubilee, the new character that jumped with them from the last story? In any event, this is still worth the money and leaves me anticipating the next.

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