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84 : Plague Lords

by James Axler
Jun 1, 2009
6 Hours
Ages 18+
After a century of chaos following the nukes, Deathlands is forming pockets of civilization, aided by pre-dark stockpiles of weapons, fuel and pieces of 21st-century knowledge. But these troves are hard to come by and survival remains a blood quest. For Ryan Cawdor and his warrior survivalists, luck is sparse, chances slimmer, yet hope drives them onward.

The sulphur-teeming Gulf of Mexico is the poisoned end of the earth, but loaded cargo ships ruined by skydark lure doomie and cutthroat alike, Here, Ryan and the others glean rumors of whole cities deep in South America that survived the blast intact. But as the companions contemplate a course of action that may divide them, a new horror approaches unseen on the horizon. The Lords of Death are Mexican pirates raiding stockpiles with grim vengeance. When civilization hits rock bottom, a new stone age will emerge, with its own personal day of blood reckoning. In the Deathlands, the future could always be worse. Now it is...

(Empire of Xibalba - 1 of 2)

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Director & Cast

Director Ken Jackson
Starring Richard Rohan, Tony Penny, Terence Aselford, Delores King Williams, Colleen Delany, Michael John Casey, Mort Shelby, David Coyne andy Clemence, Jeff Baker, Elizabeth Demery, Ken Jackson and Casie Platt
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Shirl Hayes
Dialogue Editors Temesgen Wubneh
Sound Designers Temesgen Wubneh
Original Theme Music Mark Ashby
Additional Original Music Temesgen Wubneh
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


good by rafael (Posted on 5/10/2018)
This was a good book.
84 by nicole (Posted on 12/4/2016)
Great series
great character by brian (Posted on 12/10/2015)
Harmonica tom is one of my favorite characters to meet in the deathlands.
1st of 2 books by Larry (Posted on 7/25/2015)
good book keep me interest thru out
84 by Jack (Posted on 8/19/2014)
I really enjoyed this one the companions finally meet somebody Who doesn't try to back stab them and who can fight as good as them.
Plague lords by robert (Posted on 6/13/2014)
Love this series heard every story. Love the characters each one different
Desathlands #84 Plague Lords by Steven (Posted on 6/10/2014)
South American slavers and a plague carrier to lead the way, Can Ryan stop these people before they infect or control the world.
Deathlands Plague Lords by Steven (Posted on 6/5/2014)
This is a really good two part story, a lot of interesting plot twists
Review by stephen coates (Posted on 5/23/2013)
I really liked this series. It was suspenseful and kept you on edge.

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