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127 : Gaia's Promise

by James Axler
Nov 7, 2016
6 Hours
Ages 18+
Gaia’s Promise is an original Deathlands story written specifically for GraphicAudio and is available in no other format.

Cornerstone is a ville like no other that Ryan Cawdor and his companions have ever encountered. Hoping to find medical treatment for wounds sustained combating Magus and his creations, especially Ryan’s own debilitating injury, they have been brought to Cornerstone by their new friends, a relationship forged from those same battles. The ville appears to be a prosperous bastion of civilization, sheltered from the savagery of the Deathlands by virtue of the community’s relationship with an extraordinary manifestation of the will of Gaia. As the tortured history of this ville is revealed, the companions are intrigued, to say the least. And when they confront Cornerstone’s leader, they are nothing less than astonished.

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Director & Cast

Director Richard Rohan
Starring Richard Rohan as Ryan & Jak, Colleen Delany as Krysty, Terence Aselford as JB & Doc, Delores King Williams as Mildred, Alejandro Ruiz as Ricky, Jefferson A Russell as Gaiad, Marni Penning as Matriarch, Andy Brownstein as Jonas Candrian, Richard Cutting as Preston Haley, Chris Stinson as Eldad and Bradley Smith as Brachial With Chris Genebach, Lincoln Zada, Maggie Donnelly, Amanda Forstrom, Lawrence Redmond, Steve Wannall, Nick DePinto, Nanna Ingvarsson, Bruce Alan Rauscher, Lise Bruneau, Todd Scofield, Scott Graham, Tony Nam, Chris Stinson, Elizabeth Jernigan, Tia Shearer, Drew Kopas, Chris Davenport, Jonathan Watkins, Scott McCormick, Erika Rose, and Michael John Casey
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Richard Rohan
Dialogue Editors Justin Wortz
Sound Designers David Zitney
Original Theme Music David Zitney (based on a theme by Mark Ashby)
Cover Illustrator Gel Jamlang
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Gaia's Promise by Ricky (Posted on 1/26/2019)
Excellent Job Graphic audio, Intriguing and I like where this is going.
fabulous by rafael (Posted on 5/17/2018)
All I can say is fabulous story!
Gaia's Promise by Daniel (Posted on 4/14/2018)
Keep them coming, suggest you acquire some additional talented writers for an massive overhaul; demand is going to be through the roof is you keep up this marvelous work! Thank you Graphic audio.
Gaia’s promise by robert (Posted on 3/2/2018)
This is a great series
Mr. by John (Posted on 12/18/2017)
Another great audio book. Really keeps you guessing.
A 4 parter by robert (Posted on 11/23/2017)
First off, a 4 part book is something I don't think has been done with Deathlands ever before, and this one was FANTASTIC. The whole 4 part series has to be one of my favorite Deathlands stories so far. The voice acting and sound effects were awesome as usual, but the Story was EXCELLENT. The way they did the "green" and the plant creature was something I've never seen before in any book and I've been reading and playing DnD since the early 80's, so original, and excellent. Given 4 parts, you get to knowing ALL the characters, even the ones with little parts, and caring about all of them. This book gave me goosebumps in some parts, and had me teary eyed at the end. The ending was fantastic too. 4 parts gives each of the characters plenty of time, none of them (short of useless Ricky) was standing idle in the background for the entire book, like has happened with earlier books. Every time I though the story jumped the shark, they completely came back around on it, and made it make sense. I also didn't see everything which happened coming. There's plenty of continuity with earlier books, and some real interesting new developments which I can't wait to see how they flesh out in the future. I can't say enough good things about this 4 part series. REALLY GOOD...
Jumping the Shark by Hazin (Posted on 10/22/2017)
Although I dig the mini series so far in the series ive read for years. The whole alternate time line thing this mini series tends to delve in to is the same kinda thing that just ruins so many series or shows or any entertainment. it tends to be nothing more then a way to change what they dont like in the past cause maybe this timeline is different.
Wroth reunion! by Laura (Posted on 9/20/2017)
I especially dig the storyline of Brachial as the manifestation of the will of Gaia and the meeting up of Krysty Wroth and her mother Sonja. Fabulous acting/storytelling as always and cliffhanger ending!
Pretty good by Jack (Posted on 8/13/2017)
I don't like Brachial but it's a good book
Deathlands Gaia's Promise by Eric (Posted on 7/15/2017)
A book that starts off where the last left off. I like that the books fit together unlike the more recent books. This book while good and necessary left me with more questions than answers and made me what the next book even more. The book is well done but this not a stand alone and needs to be heard with the future book(s).
Deathlands #127 Gaia's Promise. by Steven (Posted on 6/21/2017)
Wow, Krysty Wroth's mother. Is this the haven and home the companions have been seeking or as to often the case, is there a worm in the apple. Also, is the Magus lurking in the shadows. Great cliffhanger so far
Can't wait! by Robert (Posted on 3/14/2017)
Ryan really went bad on Mildred, did I miss something? I know she's gotten close to stepping out on JB but I disn't think she had. Any way I don't think they'll be any more singing between them. Notice Jack has gotten a little mouthy in this last book.. I like it. Overall I love the suspense and can't wait for the next book to drop.
Awesome book by jonathan (Posted on 2/20/2017)
One of the best audio books out hands down.
Deathlands gaia's promise by michael (Posted on 2/20/2017)
love the ending! good book!
Great Book by Larry (Posted on 2/12/2017)
very interesting storyline cant wait till next book arrives
Definitely a Different Direction, but Still Great by Tad (Posted on 2/6/2017)
I'm the farthest thing from a GA critic, and I'm such a Deathlands fanatic that you've won my eternal loyalty just for picking up the ball when Gold Eagle dropped it. If you guys want to get Richard, Terrence, Delores and Colleen in a studio and record them as the Deathlands companions reading a phonebook, or playing Monopoly for six hours, I'll gladly shell out the money for the CDs or download. Every time.

That said, this second episode had a little less action than I've come to expect from my DL stories. I'm OK with the serial nature of the latest books (Xibalba and the Baronies trilogy being some of my faves) but it does get a bit...talky in parts. I listen to GA stories 4-8 hrs/week when I'm running, training for marathons, and the bang-bang action movie nature of the stories works better for that than the somewhat nuanced tone of this latest episode. It almost deserves to be listened to in an armchair, and given more attention.

At the end of the day, it's just so damned satisfying to know that Ryan, JB, Jak, Kristy, Doc and Mildred live on that it almost doesn't matter what they're doing, or where. Take the series any direction you want, Graphic Audio; I'll keep listening.
Deathlands 127 left short by L (Posted on 2/2/2017)
Finally a new Deathlands book!

I have listened to all the installments over the past ten years. Some have left one hanging, but this release stops the story short without knowing when more of the tale will be available.
Precious by Dustin (Posted on 1/25/2017)
I need 128 now. I finished 127 about 2 weeks ago and have been going nuts waiting on 128. Love the Deathlands, need the Deathlands, it's my precious.
James Axlers: Deathlands: 127: Gaia's Promise by Dean (Posted on 1/16/2017)
I do enjoy the series and the imagination put in behind the writing. This book continues the intrigue.
Gaia's Promise by David (Posted on 1/10/2017)
So Good. Was afraid these Graphic Originals would be mashups of earlier books. NO. Or would be totally off on my characters -NO. Been a fan of DL for 25 years. And. Gotta say. This entry brought some moisture to the eyes.Well written and performed. Lets see. Longarm, Lonestar , Bolan, Executioner,Destroyer, Outlanders, stony man. On and on. All gone. DL still standing. Hell of a concept still PROUDLY being presented. Thank U! In 127. Checking in guns to cornerstone. Dude calls Ryan cyclops."Respect!" About ran off the road. More please. Voices are incredible. I hear these voices when reading my old books. More. More. More- Thank U for not letting the best action SF series EVER stay alive!
And we continue the outstanding tale! by Armand (Posted on 12/31/2016)
Okay, this was so good and yet again have to wait for 128 to continue!

I can't wait! Very good so far!

Gaia's promise by robert (Posted on 12/14/2016)
Nice book can't wait till rouge angel comes back
Evil Stalks and Dee Elms' Thoughts by Dee Emm Elms (Posted on 12/11/2016)
The unnerving voice of Bradley Smith not withstanding, I do not trust Brachial. Suggestion to fans: go back and listen to the the very beginning of Book 126 and remember what Ryan says about what happens right before the dream sequence ends. Then, listen to this book's (127's) dream conversation between Brachial and Krysty. Seems pretty clear what Brachial's plans are in his quest to become more mobile and alive and that spells bad news for the others.

Also, has anyone ever considered that the Magus might be DEAN? Like, a Dean from the future? That's been my thought on who Magus actually is, for a long time now. And I don't like the implications. Or, worse, is it an alternative-history Ryan who never met the other companions and ended up getting trawled in the readoubts? I think Dean is more likely, but heck. Or, what if it's Doc Tanner?!

This book is kind of talky, with a lot of history being doled out and many questions raised. It feels more like the first half of a two-parter, or a trilogy, and I think it might've benefitted from being called that in the text. I suspect it's a second-part of a trilogy with 126 being the first. Take books 126 and 127 together, and they seem like two parts of an escalating trilogy with the next book resolving it. I hope so.

I really dug the book's last act in the redoubt. Redoubt stories are always my favorite in the series as they focus on the heroes finding old relics of bygone times and trying to understand them. The part where they find and taste peanut M&Ms was glorious. That's what I live for in this series, seeing these poor victims of history try to rise above and get the occasional reward from preDark times.

The voice cast is as good as they always, always are. Mildred especially shines in too-brief moments here. We need more Mildred. Put her on the next cover, guys!
Gaia's Promise by Joseph (Posted on 12/2/2016)
Very well done and an excellent story line!

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