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Rogue Angel
1 : Destiny

by Alex Archer
Feb 1, 2007
6 Hours
Ages 13+
An ancient order tied to the Vatican...
A blood fortune buried in the caves of France...
A conspiracy of power, greed and darkest evil...

Archaeologist and explorer Annja Creed''s fascination with the myths and mysteries of the past leads her to a crypt in the caves of France, where the terrifying legend of the Beast of Gevaudan hints at the unimaginable. What she discovers is shattering: an artifact that will seal her destiny; a brotherhood of monks willing to murder to protect their secret; and a powerful black-market occultist desperate to put his own claim to centuries-old blood money. Annja embarks on a high-tension race across Europe and history itself, intent on linking the unholy treachery of the ages with the staggering revelations of the present. But she must survive the shadow figures determined to silence her threat to their existence.

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Director & Cast

Director Nanette Savard
Starring Nanette Savard, Colleen Delany, Terence Aselford, Richard Rohan, Thomas Penny, Jeff Baker, David Coyne, Ken Jackson, James Lewis, Sunny Lasskey, James Konicek, and Mort Shelby
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Casey Jones
Dialogue Editors Chris Rohan and Bryan Patton
Sound Designers Chris Rohan and Bryan Patton
Original Theme Music Chris Rohan
Additional Original Music Bryan Patton and Chris Rohan
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Rogue Angel by Robert (Posted on 2/7/2019)
You guys got me hooked on another series, I like to see this made for television possibly Netflix
Quite the Surprise by Rachel (Posted on 10/20/2018)
I was not expecting to love this series like I do.

Not gonna lie, some of the covers initially turned me off this series. Felt a little...trashy on occasion? But man, sometimes old lessons need some good reminders. I finally decided to buckle down and listen to Destiny, because I figured there had to be a reason these books were so popular.

I ADORE this series. Even if the writing is sometimes hit and miss, the GraphicAudio production more than makes up for it. Colleen Delaney is fantastic as the female lead, the premise is massive fun, and the stories are often interesting. I'm a programmer, and I use them to get me through the workday (each story is pretty self contained so you can easily bust them out in a single day). So if you're like I was and wondering if this series could be any good: trust me, it is.

Destiny is one of the best I've listened to so far. It's a great origin story that introduces you to the best characters and makes you fall in love with them. While it can get campy, if you have a good tolerance or even love for that sort of thing (I'm a superhero AND a Bollywood nerd, so I definitely do) it's a rollicking good time. While most of the series can be listened to in any order, I'd suggest listening to this one first to get the introduction.

GraphicAudio did a wonderful job on this production, and I'm mildly obsessed with this series now. If you're a fan of Once Upon a Time or iZombie, I think you'll love this series (Garin Braden may or may not be filling the Killian Jones-sized hole in my heart right now).
Rogue Angel 1 : Destiny by Pam (Posted on 8/28/2018)
I love this series! It's not deep, a guilty pleasure. I first came across the series via eBook. Went searching years ago for the audio format and discovered GraphicAudio. Woot! What a win! I love being taken to different locales and brought into the action and mystery with a wee bit of history lessons as well (albeit one must decipher legend from history). I wouldn't want to consume too many of these books in a row, I like pacing serials out.

As for this book, it was the beginning for me - of course. I was taken on a high octane trip made even more fantastic by the GraphicAudio version. Brought to life, unlike any other audiobook I had previously encountered. Love the character Annja and her wit, determination and the bond created between her and Roux.
Good start to a fun series by ZJ (Posted on 8/23/2018)
The description of this story might lead you to think it’s Tomb Raider Lite. That isn’t entirely the case. There is enough variation in the formula of the story that it does feel different from Tomb Raider. In fact, there are a couple of amusing inside jokes in the story that make reference to its superficial similarity to Tomb Raider. There is also some similarity to Witchblade.

This story is formulaic but also fun and very easy to get into. I stayed up listening one night until I couldn’t keep myself awake any longer. Anja is a smart, capable hero and the characters she finds herself suddenly involved with add to the intrigue to the overarching plot of the series. historical details provide a solid base for the story to build from. European history isn’t a particular area of interest for me, so I can’t speak to where the historical fact ends and the embellishment begins, aside from the whole magic sword bit that is.

Narration by Nanette Savard is good, and Colleen Delany is great as Anja. The other actors also play their roles well. In particular, Rick Rohan does a great job of portraying the dry, sardonically humorous personality of Roux.

The production is excellent, as with all of GA’s work. The Paris city soundscape from the early part of the book struck me as particularly immersive. There are a couple things I can nitpick, but that don’t really hurt the overall production. In the first fight scene, some of the blunt force sound effects don’t quite pop the way they could, but given that many of them are layered underneath the spoken narration, that may be done purposefully so as not to distract from the narrative descriptions of the fight. A later scene that sees Anja in a precarious situation while climbing in the mountains doesn’t have sound effects in one section where you’d expect them to be, and the listener is left with only the spoken descriptions of what’s happening. That did take me out of the story slightly but I had no trouble getting back into it.

If you’re looking for a new GA series to start with, this first title in the Rogue Angel series is fun and passes time well.
destiny by Levi (Posted on 7/2/2018)
i love the series, but i prefer it on disk. however the download is wonderful as well.
Love This Series!! This review includes Spoilers!!! by Jessica (Posted on 5/17/2018)
I love these books and now own all 58 book (hoping more will come out). Its got me really hooked. I love this series so much i am now re-listening to them from the start.


Did anyone notice how Annja knows how the father of kid she goes off to save dies? How does she know that the detective killed the father? How did she know that the detective was "entertaining" a married women? How does she know this? .....

If someone can just help me understand this, if i'm just really missing something and not paying attention when listening? I would really appreciate it.
A wonderful start to a great series by Katie (Posted on 4/19/2018)
Very fun and enjoyable to listen to. I love the story of a butt-kicking sword-wielding chick. Listened to this title several time and it never gets old.
reminds me of tomb raider by David (Posted on 3/3/2017)
my first book in this series so far it was very good reminds me of a tomb raider. looking foward to listing to the rest of them.
Great start for great series. by Brian (Posted on 2/13/2017)
I pick up rogue angel CD at a truck stop and now I can't stop. The first book does a good job of setting the tone for the rest of the series and is a must buy.
Rogue Angel: Destiny by Roger (Posted on 2/10/2017)
Fantastic book and a wonderful starting point for a great series.
Fantastic Book by Cecil (Posted on 12/11/2016)
I started with this one when I was driving truck. I managed to get the first 20 books before I got off of the road. Getting them online now to enlarge my collection.
Destiny by Juan (Posted on 9/5/2016)
I was hook the minute I listen to the sound bites preview. Great series. I recommended to a few of my friends and they love it.
Love this series by James (Posted on 8/3/2016)
This is one of my favorite book series and the first installment here sets things up very well. As the book progresses, we're introduced to all of the main characters for the series. Annja is smart, resourceful, and very skilled. Her confidence comes through very well and I commend the actress playing her. All in all, this is a great start to an awesome series. It appeals to both men and women, too.
In love by Jesse (Posted on 7/4/2016)
I feel I could sit and listen to this all day forget tv!!!
The One that Hooked Me by Sharon (Posted on 6/16/2016)
I started listening to this series one night when I was driving back to Maryland from North Carolina. I stopped in a truck stop and was intrigued by the byline "A Movie In Your Mind". I enjoyed it so much that I picked up a few more each trip and started a ritual of listening Graphic Audio when I drive back and forth. Then in April, I decided to purchase the first adventure and all I can say is Wow! Destiny answered a lot of questions and also peaked my curiosity for more! I saved this one on my phone to share and get others hooked. Go claim your Destiny Annja Creed!
Hooked by Ann (Posted on 4/15/2016)
Got hooked on the series when having to drive 5 hours one way to the hospital for my daughters surgery 5 years ago and now have the whole family hooked.
Destiny by Susan (Posted on 2/12/2016)
It is nice to go back to the beginning to find out how Anja got Joan's sword. good story line, got me hooked, just ordered #16. I definitely would recommend this series to any that are going on a long trip or just to listen at home.
Rogue Angel 1 by Bonnie (Posted on 2/8/2016)
I got hooked on this series when I listened to a title in the middle of the series that I borrowed from my local library. I needed to know more so I purchased Destiny to see how it started. Awesome! The history and the story line flow together that sometimes I think the scenes really happened. I listen to audio books that have a single reader and they are good. However, with graphic audio and the different performers, I can actually see the people and actions in my mind. They do an excellent job as well as the special sound effects!

I highly recommend Rogue Angel and other Graphic Audio titles!
Great by Brad (Posted on 1/26/2016)
I love these stories. I'm hooked
back to the beginning by Leah (Posted on 1/20/2016)
I got hooked on the RA series after finding The Third Caliph at a truck stop on a road trip. Wanting to know the beginning, finally got my hands on Destiny. Her skepticism and wonderment in the face of everything that shatters preconceived notions shows how she likes to stay rooted in reality, but allows the possibility of the supernatural to show her more of the world around her. Strong, female lead without being obnoxious, I am definitely looking forward to owning the whole series.
Book 1 by justin (Posted on 12/8/2015)
Great book loved it
Rogue Angel 1: Destiny by Chris (Posted on 10/25/2015)
This book was a quick read that I actually read the whole way through without skipping to the end, which is saying something for me. It grabbed my attention from the beginning and held it with every turn of the page. I understand why some people wouldn't like this book. If you don't like learning about history, they do go on a bit sometimes as their trying to solve the mystery, but I liked it because it was relevant to trying to figure out the mystery. As for her knowing everything, she doesn't, gets screwed over by a couple people and is constantly asking for help from her friends or resources. Overall great read
Rogue Angel by Joe (Posted on 7/31/2015)
I am a person who doesn't like origin stories, but I loved this one. I was worried that Annja Creed was going to be a copycat of Lara Croft - and that was quickly dispelled. She is her own character with great origins even before the sword comes into play. The story is excellent. The research in the history of every story in this series is amazingly well done. great job
Rogue Angel by Tracey (Posted on 7/29/2015)
Love the Rogue Angel story . This is a great story line to keep anyone interested. Can't wait to hear more.
Wow! What an ending by Sarah (Posted on 7/8/2015)
Whoa! I did not expect the ending to be like that. I also did not expect sward to do what it did. Nice history digging there. I wonder how much of it is true though? Good historical fiction tied in with present day. I love history so this takes the cake and is well done.
awesome by Angelo (Posted on 4/15/2015)
This my 6th download and I have about 5 CD sets from the truck stops and I have thoroughly enjoyed them all
Destiny by Erik (Posted on 4/10/2015)
Great story my wife and I love it going to listen to them all while on road trips
Rogue Angel 1 : Destiny by Craig (Posted on 3/22/2015)
My wife and I loved the story and we knew we wanted to get the others long the main story hook happen.
First Graphic Audio by James (Posted on 3/16/2015)
So this was my first Graphic Audio book after being a lifelong lover of audiobooks. I'll admit I'm not fully converted at this point, but it was amazingly well done.

I also loved the story. Joan of Arc has always been a bit of a hero to me, and I love how Rogue Angel takes that mythos and mixes it with archaeology. Super fun read!
AWESOME!!!! by Charles King (Posted on 2/27/2015)
Loved the book. I am now hooked on this series.

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