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Rogue Angel
37 : Library of Gold

by Alex Archer
Dec 1, 2012
5 Hours
Ages 13+
He was one of Russia''s most infamous rulers, and he alone held the key to a legendary Byzantine collection of books, given to him in the dowry of Princess Sophia of Constantinople. Ivan Vasilyevich-otherwise known as Ivan the Terrible-owned a library filled with rare and priceless tomes that men would kill for. Would die for. But the czar carried the knowledge of its whereabouts to his grave. And it falls to archaeologist Annja Creed, almost five hundred years later, to discover the secrets of the Library of Gold.

When the opportunity to unravel the mystery of this so-called eighth wonder of the world lands in Annja''s lap, she can''t resist. Armed with a diary of cryptic clues, she embarks on a journey to Russia, where she must somehow find her way into the very heart of the country, beneath the Kremlin. But Annja soon discovers she''s racing a ruthless KGB agent driven by sinister motives. She finds herself deep beneath the Russian soil in a dangerous game of cat and mouse... Will she be the next to mysteriously disappear from history?

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Director & Cast

Director Colleen Delany and Nanette Savard
Starring Nanette Savard, Colleen Delany, Scott Mccormick, Bradley Smith, Gregory Gorton, Michael Glenn, Jeff Allin, James Lewis, Thomas Keegan, Tim Getman, Ken Jackson, Joe Brack, David Coyne, Kimberly Gilbert, Richard Rohan, Terence Aselford, Eric Messner, Danny Gavigan, Dylan Lynch and Lily Beacon
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Doug Krentzlin
Dialogue Editors Brian Rogers
Sound Designers Brian Rogers
Original Theme Music Chris Rohan
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Library of Gold by Chris (Posted on 10/19/2017)
The action is definitely worthy of Indiana Jones!

I don't get why Annja didn't wait. For all her vaunted experience, she didn't anticipate the guns? Waiting would have created a completely different ending. For that matter, why didn't the bad guys wait until the library was actually found?

A major part of the story takes place underground and I was interested in the parts where Annja and crew are chased into a hidden city where Soviet spies learned their trade before going to the US during the Cold War. I don't think that was that far fetched and wouldn't necessarily toss the idea away as bull crap. Not so sure about the whole nuclear powered train, but interesting nonetheless.

I like the fact that Annja has come to terms with the fact that she was chosen to become the protector of innocents and defender of the good even though her life hasn't exactly been smooth nor easy since the sword chose her. Sometimes, however, there are parts to this series that just make me shake my head in disbelief. Yet, this is fantasy/science fiction and in order to fully take advantage of the writing and story telling, you need to suspend some sort of reality and just let things go.

Be warned, it does have a very sad ending. I also suspect this is the start of an interesting relationship. Hmmm, I wonder what other treasures Sir Charles is interested in?
Library of Gold by Bonnie (Posted on 8/2/2017)
Russian spy that would not die. Good story but a little predictable.
Review by K (Posted on 8/10/2014)
The audio on this on seemed a bit off. Sometimes the voices were overlapping and hard to understand and other times one person spoke quietly while the other spoke loudly. Other than that this one was another good title.
Library of gold by robert (Posted on 6/11/2014)
Was good but not into evil spy Vivian thing. It was good but it would have been better if she just found it but was unable to get out
Rogue Angel 37 : Library of Gold by Tanner (Posted on 4/22/2014)
Took me forever to find this one on cd but loved it as all the rest.
Review by Julius Jahnke (Posted on 7/12/2013)
Great acting and production values. The story moves right along and is entertaining as usual for this series. Loved how Vladimere's volvo truck changed into a Volkswagon truck, now thtt's almost as good as Anja's sword. Thank's GA for another great effort.
Review by Johnny Tai (Posted on 5/23/2013)
A good production, clean and with good acting and music. Alas, the story itself is a bit predictable and has none of the really mystical quality we love about this series.

The only point of semi-surprise was the Italian artist dude, but even that was kinda spoiled when we identified his voice on the phone when he called the Colonel.

Another point of interest is that one may find the Creed's attitude towards human life- or the taking of human lives- is a bit too relaxed to be believeable since she's supposed to be the "good guy."

It's like...okay, kill that one, then that one, oh crap, wasn't meant to kill that one...oh well...that one next!

It's like she's chopping veggies instead of hacking people apart.

And then when she was feeling around in the dark and felt blood and dead body she all of a sudden got a bit screamish? lol
Review by Wayne Noble (Posted on 5/23/2013)
This was a good story but yes, I predicted when the fight would come and who would die and I was right nearly 90% of the time. It was good though. My biggest issue was that the one other good guy had to die and then one of the worst bad guys lived. I guess I see him showing back up again. GA done very good. The music score was much better filling in the dry places and helping you get into the story. One other thing, the gps tracker. I dont see how it would work that deep into the ground. None the less I give it a 4.

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