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Rogue Angel
49 : The Devil's Chord

by Alex Archer
Dec 1, 2014
5 Hours
Ages 13+
Da Vinci's greatest and most dangerous legacy…

In the midst of a lovers' quarrel on a Venetian bridge, a pair of art thieves loses a priceless, stolen Lorraine cross to the canal's murky waters. Suspecting a connection between the cross, Joan of Arc and da Vinci, Annja Creed's former mentor, Roux, sends the archaeologist to oversee the search for the missing artifact. But someone else knows about the cross…knows enough to kill for it.

Despite several vicious attacks during their underwater expedition, Annja and Roux's hired diver recovers the cross. But when the diver's loyalties are called into question and he disappears—along with the treasure—Annja is certain there's more to the ancient object than Roux is letting on. She soon discovers the cross is only one piece in an intricate enigma—a key that, when combined with a series of musical notes, may unlock one of Leonardo da Vinci's most fantastical inventions. But the price Annja must pay to stop this key from falling into the wrong hands may be her life.

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Director & Cast

Director Nanette Savard
Starring Nanette Savard, Colleen Delany, Andy Clemence, Richard Rohan, Terence Aselford, Eric Messner, Patrick Bussink, Tim Getman, David Coyne, Steven Carpenter, Gregory Gorton, Ren Kasey, Bradley Smith, David Jourdan, Gabriela Coffey, Ken Jackson and Kimberly Gilbert
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Alexandra Wittenberg
Dialogue Editors Brian Rogers
Sound Designers Brian Rogers and John Glennon
Original Theme Music Chris Rohan
Additional Original Music John Glennon
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


The Devil's Chord by Bonnie (Posted on 2/19/2018)
Awesome story! Many twists and love the stories that bring Roux into them. This story fills in some of the blanks on Roux's history with the broken sword. Interesting interacts with Roux and DaVinci.
great rogue angel by Angelo (Posted on 2/13/2015)
Another great story. Makes the time traveling back and forth to Florida fly by
Another GREAT Rouge Angel adventure! by Joseph (Posted on 1/10/2015)
Just finished listening to "Rouge Angel #49 - The Devil's Chord" released by Graphic Audio.
The Rouge Angel Series by Graphic Audio was one of Mom's and Dad's favorite audio series and they always enjoyed each new adventure that Annja Creed found herself in.
"The Devil's Chord" is an interguing outing for Annja because not only does she find herself matching wits againts a very agile thief; but she finds herself delving into a mystery left behind by Leonardo da Vinci - did he create a device capable of allowing a person to switch places with someone else in the past?
For someone who is carrying Joan of Arc's sword in the mystical otherwhere and can call it forth at will, Annja makes for a bemusing skeptic - especailly since Ru and Garran are over 500 years old.
What makes this outing particulary interesting is that we learn how Ru came upon the first piece of Joan's sword - which had been broken and scattered at the time of her death.
The devils chord by robert (Posted on 12/18/2014)
Dragged a little but was ok
Another Great Listen!! by Neal (Posted on 12/11/2014)
Just like the first book, this one is a great listen. I might even rate this one better. I am only giving this one a rating of 4 because of the ending. Again, the build-up to the confrontation between Annja and the antagonist is left unresolved. Even through-out the story, the final confrontation is spoken about and known to happen, only to have it taken from me. I was so waiting to hear this final battle, only to hear in disgust it un-resolved. I realize this is not a Graphic Audio issue as they are only recording the written word of the author. Just be aware, the ending you may be expecting or hoping for is not there. Other than that, a fantastic story that kept me in the car, many times, even after my drive was finished!!
Another great story by Wayne (Posted on 11/25/2014)
I really hope they never stop creating this series. It really is a good series. I don't know if the written books are as good but GraphicAudio does a fabulous job. This is another great story. I'm not much on her having to experience the burning but it still turned out great. Not a lot of fighting but very good storyline.
The devil's chord by Gildardo (Posted on 11/24/2014)
I absolutely loved this book.
The back and forth through time with Leonardo was just awesome.
The gondola travel and the descriptions of such a beautiful city was so live sounding through graphic audio.
It almost felt like I was there.

Only one thing Alex Archer seems to have gotten wrong. The devil chord is not thirds but augmented fourths or diminish fifths.
But once they are played its obvious.

I absolutely love this series.
Rogue Angel is the best by timothy (Posted on 11/19/2014)
I am very intrigued by Annja's adventures. It took 8 months of find most in the truck stops and I ordered the others. They are all my favorites so I just keep collecting them.

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